Summer 2017

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In the area of Imeros beach


 10 days:

 Friday 30 June to  Sunday 9


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In the area of ​​Imeros beach of the Municipality of Maronia-Sapes,Greece, at “Mikros Diaκosmos 300 meters from the sea, there will be a ten-day cultural theme camp and parallel cultural events open to the public.                          

Each day will be dedicated to a different era and to the "Tastes"of it. Fore example,thefirst day focuses on the Homer's “Odyssey”and Archaic times.                                                                                   

The whole day will be free time for the   participants, to enjoy the beaches and   the surrounding areas and only on late afternoon they will be able to attend     and participate to various events:         An art group,movie and documentary     viewing,theatrical and musical             performances, etc.                                       

This art camp is suitable forc hildren and adults,unrelated to their profession and specialty and will be bilingual (Greek and English).                      

This open structure is intended because it the cam more complex and unexpected..

The beginning, for example, the first day, will be as follows:

 * In the afternoon there will be a concise artistic presentation of the Odyssey's logic, by Yannis Voultsidis, combined with live music.

* At 8-9.30pm, a team of participants will be created work on a scene of Aristophanes' “Birds”.Everyone here can choose his "role" in the theater,either as an actor or a dancer, musician, scenery and costume maker,or just an observer!

This rehearsal will take place every day and on the tenth day the group's work will be presented at an open event.

* At 10 o'clock every evening the "symposium" begins, in the "seafront terrace" of the Mikros Diakosmos, and every day, depending on the subject of the presentation, it is combined with flavors, beverages, perfumes,music of the mentioned era.

So in the "Homeric" symposium of the first day there will be Maronite wine which Odysseus used to make Cyclops drunk, beef baked in the archaic way, etc.                                                                                                   Participants will be given a certificate of participation

Participants can set up their tents in the estate of Mikros Diakosmos,leave their car in the private parking lot,and they will have access to toilets and showers with hot and cold water.                      

The ten-day camp-and participate the events-costs one hundred and twenty (120) € per person.                             

For children accompanied by adults it is free of charge.                                

For those who want to attend seminars without, the cost is fifty (50) euros for the ten days.

During these ten days,several theatrical performances and variousevents will be presented. All those who will camp will watch for free.

There is a coffee shop for breakfast, coffees and light lunch and,of course, the thematic symposium (dinner) every night.

Those who want to participate in the first 10-daycamp from June 30 to July 9 are required to book by June 20 to be given priority.               

 In no way this thematic camp is for a specialized audience of philologists, actors, etc It appeals to people regardles of race or age who want to havejoyful and meaningful holidays.





TEN-DAYS PROGRAMM:                                       


 b_374_262_16777215_00_images_sitos.jpg figure: Georgia Giannopoulou
figure: Georgia Giannopoulou


FRIDAY 30 June,  1st day                                                             

 Arrival of participants - acquaintance


SΑTURDAY 1 July, 2nd Day 2:

 Archaic times.

 7-8 pm. Introduction to the Odyssey of Homer by Yannis Voultsidis

 8-9.30 pm. A theatrical team will be created among the participants  and a rehearsal on  Aristophanes' Birds will start.

 9.30 pm -1 am SYMPOSIUM
 Live music by Yannis Voultsidis, songs dedicated to Homeric heroes. Maronite wine and beef baked with the archaic way will dominate.                                                                            


 SUNDAY 2 JULY, 3rd Day:

 Lyrical times.

 7-7.30 pm. Introduction to ancient lyric poetry by Yannis Voultsidis.

 7.30 - 8 pm.  View the film "the childhood of Orpheus".

 8-9.30 pm.  Rehearsal, Aristophanes.

 9.30 pm - 1 pm SYMPOSIUM  Recipes with honey and its derivatives.

 10 -11 pm.  Thracian Shadow Theater performance.


 MONDAY 3 JULY, 4th  day:

 Classical times.

 7-8 pm. Introduction to Aeschylus (portrait) by Yannis Voultsidis and projection of thedocumentary "In Dionysus I owe"

 8-9.30 pm.  Rehearsal.

 9.30 pm -1 am  SYMPOSIUM 
On this day, we focus on cereal-based cooking and on baking bread from Zea flour using olive wood in the traditional oven of Mikros Diakosmos.


 THURSDAY 4 JULY, 5th  day:

 Byzantine times.

 7 -8 pm. Introduction to Byzantine poetry.

 8-9.30 pm.  Rehearsal.

 9.30 pm -1 am SYMPOSIUM
Dedicated to the olive tree and its derivatives, recipes with olives and olive oil.


 WEDNESDAY 5 JULY, 6th  day:

 Times of Ottoman domination.

 7-8 pm. Introduction to the folk song. Viewing the documentary: "Thracian Violin".

 8-9.30 pm. Rehearsal.

 9.30 pm -1 pm SYMPOSIUM Live folk songs.
 Milk and its derivatives.Recipes with milk and  its derivatives, cheese and pies.


 THURSDAY 6 JULY,7th  Day:

 Recent times. Asia Minor catastrophe.

 7-8 pm. Introduction to "Rebetika".

 8-9.30 pm. Rehearsal.

 9.30 pm -1 am. SYMPOSIUM With raki, ouzo, Smyrna meatballs and Rebetika songs live.


 FRIDAY 7 JULY, 8th  day:

 Petty bourgeoisie catastrophe. (curent times)

 7 -8 pm. View the film "Giorgos Chronas, Epicurean student from Perama" by Yannis Voultsidis.

 89.30 pm. Rehearsal.

 9.30 pm -1 am. SYMPOSIUM With local beer "Vergina"  and "souvlaki".

 9.30 - 10.30 pm. Theatrical performance for young and old people: "Tromaras” of Georgios  Vizyinos from the Thracian Shadow Theater.                                                                                                    


 SATURDAY 8 JULY, 9th  day:

 Day of criticism and conclusion.

 7-8 pm. Criticism, conversations and  objections about what happened at the camp.

 10 pm -1 am.  Presentation of the group work results on the Aristophanes' Birds .  

 Feast with live music.


 SUNDAY 9 JULY, 10th  day:

 Farewells .... !!!!


All these events will be supported by people in the arts and with general experience such as theatrologists, directors,  musicologists : Simos Papadopoulos, Paschalis Xanthopoulos, Vassilis Farasopoulos, Giorgos Chronas, Christos Nalbantis and others.



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 (founded in 2007) is an organization for arts based in Thrace, Greece,  in the area of Imeros beach, on the border of the Municipality of Maronia - Sapes.

 Mikros  Diakosmos, in  an environment of 1,5 acres,  has its own multi-purpose art building with an Indoor and an outdoor theater, a library, workshops etc.

 The Soul of the place is Yannis  Voultsidis, director, musician and shadow theatre performer and stage designer Georgia Giannopoulou.

 Associates: Stella Zeleskaki, support and Communication in English and Giorgis Economopoulos, gourmet curator and beekeeper.


 How to get there:

By road via Egnatia highway, coming from Thessaloniki, you will go to the west entrance to Komotini, pass by Komotini, Xylagani, Imeros and find us a little further down (see map).

Coming from Alexandroupolis, you go to the exit to Maronia.  Outside Maronia, take the coastal road and find us after the seaside settlement of Prophitis Ilias.

Nearest Port and Airport, those of Alexandroupolis, but you can also use the airport of Chrysoupolis Kavala or Thessaloniki.

Komotini communicates regularly with Athens and all the cities of Macedonia and Thrace by buss, and in the summertime there are busses from Komotini to the coastal area where we are located.

Buss Station Tel: 2531022912

The nearest train station is in Komotini. Tel: 2531022650


The Thracian Shadow Theater operates  in Mikros Diakosmos and it is known for its quality in Greece and abroad. It is the only theater in Greece that has published more than 15 books on theatrical art.

At the same time, every  summer, the Arts Festival takes place, where artistic performances are presented, and local products are also being promoted through a variety of partnerships with local associations  and producers, in a smart way.

Another activity of Mikros Diakosmos is that in collaboration with the Democritus University of Thrace and Primary and Secondary Education it organizes «Drama Games» in the ancient theater of Maronia.

Additionally, Mikros Diakosmos has produced four documentaries on culture and two music productions, one of them with Roma children.

We have organized  many  seminars on theater, speech and cinema, workshops for shadow theater, music, ceramics etc.

Our belief is that if Greece does not have a strong Region, its center will always remain weak.

For this reason, decentralization is primarily a political and moral position.


The founder of the Small Decoration